My Journey to Discover IKIGAI in Busy World

I am always known as someone that always questions every move I make in life. It’s not because I’m not sure with my choice, but I am always interested in the concept of “living your best life” meaning, I don’t like the feeling of waking up every morning after my alarm goes off and feeling guilty or having no sense of life. I don’t want to grow older and still become someone who not sure with what the fuck that she’s doing for this long.

I quit my job that didn’t bring the best out of me. Hold on, it’s not because I’m too lazy to explore, because some people said “ You just need to give it another shot”. But I’m the person that always trusts my gut, I know where and which one I need to give an extra shot, and it’s not in my gut.

After a long journey, I finally created my own business with friends. It’s a real estate business. Yes, it’s just another ordinary industry, but with extraordinary people. I found I was really drawn into the business, the brainstorming, the ideas, and vision. I recognize this energy, the energy when I know I’m doing something that brings me closer to my dream — the life that I always dream of.

I want to become someone who is able to do what I’ve been postponed to do because of financial issues.

Our business is growing and even though we’re able to hire some people to delegate some stuff, we still have a lot of things on the table to be executed. But I am still happy to do all the different tasks from finance, strategy, content creator and managing social media. Because after all of thatI able to explore my hobbies, find out what I like, what don’t and what my next plan in life is.

Ikigai means your life purpose. First understand that you don’t create your life purpose you discover it. Having time to discover it is the main thing for me.

Finding your life purpose seems like a gigantic, spiritual and a fairy tale task. It is difficult to understand and tedious to follow through. I will try to make it as simple as possible.

We all have our purpose or Ikigai. The first thing to learn is about yourself. What do you like? What do you dislike? What makes you happy and what makes you sad? And most importantly why?

Make a list, as long as possible. Write all the things that come to your mind. Then go through them one by one, asking yourself why a certain feeling is associated with each one of them. The answer to that “Why” will it lead you to Ikigai?

Finding Your Ikigai Is a Journey

People think that finding their ikigai or life purpose is going to be an event. If you think that too you are wrong. You have to take a journey or sometimes journeys. The most significant journey you will ever take is within yourself.

Some people travel, some learn something, and some people choose a career. But many of them fail to use these means to take the journey within themselves. The purpose of travelling is not only to relax, learn something new and escape your routine.

Travelling is one of the most profound and romantic ways to discover yourself. You learn the most about yourself while on the move. To discover your Ikigai you have to take that journey. Use any means which suit you.

It can be anything, writing a journal has helped a lot of people. Trying new things, meeting more people, all these things will lead you to a path. A path that will help you discover your life purpose. For me, it’s yoga.

Since we all have our unique Ikigai, you can’t copy someone else’s. Same way you can’t copy someone else’s fingerprints.

As I said earlier, you don’t create your life purpose you discover it. So it means that our Ikigai is already embedded deep inside our souls. The journeys you take will enable you to dive deep and discover that hidden treasure.

The most important and significant thing you will ever learn will be about yourself. Start by asking yourself,

“Do you really know you?”

Do What Relaxes You

We all like to romanticise ourselves. We like to believe that one’s purpose in life should be mesmerising like saving the planet, fighting poverty, discovering cure to Cancer and etc. It’s great but you are forcing yourself to believe in something which you are not.

You are forcing yourself to accept and adopt things which are not yours, you are copying others. Stop copying others. Finding your life purpose is not a complex task. It is so simple that we overwhelm ourselves with simplicity. Being too simple also sometimes seems complicated.

First understand that life purpose is something which brings you peace, inner peace. If it is saving the planet then great. If it is cooking even better. Some people find solace in gardening, some in writing, painting or singing, and in other ways a yoga teacher.

If your Ikigai is not universal then you are not any lesser of a human being than anyone else. If you have found your Ikigai, your own unique life purpose you are even better. You are original, your unique self. You can still volunteer to save the planet, help people without thinking that it is your life purpose.

So from now on, if any of these noble purposes doesn’t give you inner peace, don’t feel bad about yourself. Discover the things and activities which relax you. Which brings you a step closer to discovering yourself every time you do them.

I will be honest, practising yoga has a deep soothing effect on my mind. After doing it for some time I feel like a changed person. More relaxed, composed and at peace. Seems insignificant doesn’t it. But it works for me.

Find something that works for you.

Do It for the Rest of Your Life

Once you find something which pleases you, which relaxes you. Keep doing it. If after sometime you discover that you no longer enjoy that, stop it. Don’t force yourself to like it. Find something new.

Keep discovering new things. Repeat them over and over. Every time you discover something new you come one step closer to your Ikigai. Every time you repeat it you make a step towards fulfilling your life purpose.

Remember, repetition is the mother of perfection. You can be perfect in only one thing and one thing only, your life purpose. If you want to be perfect, find your life purpose, find your Ikigai. Because only your Ikigai will allow you to do something every day for the rest of your life. This will make you perfect.

Another important point to notice, don’t do something if you won’t do it without money. Do something which you will do happily even if no one pays you to do it. Like playing a video game, staring out the window, cooking a meal on Sunday or taking a walk in the park.

If there is no incentive associated with your Ikigai, it can become your true life purpose. Because life purposes don’t bed with the lust for money, recognition and achievement.

The purpose of your Ikigai is to make you at peace with yourself and this world. We are all pieces of a puzzle. If you don’t fit in the place where you want to fit in, don’t force yourself. You will disturb others and leave the space empty where you were supposed to fit in.

Find you Ikigai, find your space to fit in this universe.

Just to wrap up everything

Ikigai is your life purpose. You already have that purpose engraved in your soul. You just have to learn to read it. For that you have to discover yourself first. Because you already hold the key to your future.

To move in the right direction, start by doing things which relaxes you. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of doing rather than completing something. Your Ikigai wants your time and tranquillity, it enjoys time with you. It is not concerned how much you achieve.

​​Repetition is the key to finding your purpose of existence. You can’t think about something or trick yourself in liking it. You have to experience it. Only that experience will tell you whether you resonate with it or not.

Remember, in the end all that matters is if you could fit in the empty space of the puzzle where you were supposed to or not. Imagine if all of us can discover our Ikigais and fit in our designated places in the giant puzzle of life how beautiful this universe would become.

It will complete the puzzle and we would look at a different picture of the world.

Find that empty space where you are supposed to fit in. Don’t force yourself in someone else’s place.



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