What Does the Growing Up Process Look Like?

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

There will be a time when you wake up early in the morning and you will feel amazing about yourself and your life. Everything seems to go into the perfect tune. You feel content and grounded, energised and satisfied with what you have.

Then the other morning you wake up in the early morning, ready to start your best routine, then you feel all the best things that you always get. But then you find yourself arguing with your partner and all you can do is cry and think “It seems not working well”. Suddenly your thoughts are going around the corner of self esteem and question your entire self, “Am I doing it right? Why can I be the person that I dream of”, you feel the universe is not there to back you up with your learning process.

I want to let you know that all your feelings are valid, all your sadness, anger and confusion are valid. You are only human after all, you’re a good person who tried to become better. That’s why you’re here, questioning what you did. You are not on the wrong path, you are just in the learning process, growing up is hard, so please appreciate every inch of yourself because you are trying, you are “ON” this journey to become the better version of yourself.

They say gold is made from a tough process, you’ll feel burning inside but all for good reason. You will shine and be in good shape at the end of the process. You just need to hold on — hold on to the process that seems to burn you into dust. It’s not permanent, it’s a temporary quest that you just need to face, there will be a reward in the end.

In this moment what you can do is surrender — surrender to the universe, Gods, Earth, whatever you hang your faith in. Believe there will be a good day for you because you’ve been there before. You definitely know that this is only another part of the growing up process, it will not kill you and burn you into dust like what your mind says, it always comes out with good results. You become the whole new person with new capacity, new wisdom, and you will be grateful and blessed with your life again.

Hang on — almost there! Don’t give up today.



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Trivena GV

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